since october 1998 the etoy.CORPORATION operates its own time zone. 

etoy.DISCLAIMER: etoy.TIMEZONE is a product of the etoy.LOGISTICS-DIVISION to save money and time through more efficient coordination and parallel working, to offer perfect customer service and faster R&D. it unifies the etoy.BRANCHES around the world and covers a minimum spare time for employees.

  • etoy.TIMEZONE is oriented on UNIX seconds
  •  an etoy.MINUTE counts 100 seconds (therefore an etoy.DAY is 16 hours longer than a standard day)
  • every etoy.MONTH has 28 etoy.DAYS. the etoy.YEAR counts 336 etoy.DAYS (50.400.000 UNIX seconds)
  • etoy.AGENTS & SHAREHOLDERS age 1.598  times slower than people outside of etoy.TIMEZONE
  • etoy.TIME-EMBARGO: in the middle of every etoy.DAY, exactly at 12:00:00 the etoy.TIME stops for one etoy.HOUR (6000 UNIX seconds): the TIME-EMBARGO prescribes a 100% production, work and business stop in the etoy.TIMEZONE

ABSTRACT: etoy.TIMEZONE is about time in the digital age: about travelling the web within milliseconds... jumping between time zones without moving flesh. about permanent access / availability of 24 hours working-power around the globe (this is an important topic for the globally active etoy.CREW, operating from etoy.OFFICE-TANKS (corporate cargo containers) in zurich, vienna, san diego and manchester). etoy.TIMEZONE is the solution to the insanity of continuous physical travelling through international time zones, for time shifts in international markets and to the problem of getting older (psychological / image problem). etoy.TIMEZONE raises the amount of available working hours per day, keeps the etoy.CREW younger and makes the etoy.UNIVERSE even more enigmatic... 

release: october 5th 1998 / gottlieb duttweiler Institut rueschlikon / zurich. 
research, development & coding at CRCA san diego & blasthaus san francisco.